Decentralized Frontend Operator

The Stabilize protocol can be accessed via third-party frontend operator. Anyone can easily run a frontend by using the launch kit or SDK and by doing so, earn a share of the Stability Pool rewards.


Frontends earn a share of the 720,000,000.00 $SET being distributed to users based on the frontend's kickback rate and the total rewards accrued by its users.

LiquityFi Frontend Operator

Stabilize will choose LiquityFi as our main front-end provider. They have customized a special front-end UI for Stabilize and will continue to update it for us. The Kickback rate is 99%.

LiquityFi is a well-known third-party frontend of Liquity protocol and Polyquity protocol. They have provided convenient and safe interactive services for more than hundreds of millions of funds.

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