Stabilize launched with the following features in place:

Stabilize was launched on Nov 1st, 2021

Phase 1

Expanding team

Hiring additional developers and community staff, to guarantee quality and quicker turnaround time on future initiatives.

Strategic investor

Introducing potential strategic investors for Stabilize will provide Stabilize with strong traction and a wealth of industry resources. We will work with the investor to make announcements once these are confirmed.

Early governance

Stabilize's vision is to eventually become a fully community-driven and managed decentralized protocol, which encompasses the significant construction of DAO. From the beginning, we wanted to handle simple decisions through voting/open discussion. For example, the addition of new collateral, opening a new farm, etc. These attempts will provide more experience for the transition to DAO.

Launch of $veSET

veSET is an additional token obtained by locking $SET to SET Pool. Its most important features will be used to vote and capture airdrop rewards from third parties.



The development of bridge is to ensure that $SET can circulate properly in the target chain.

Cross-chain deployment

Deploying on other public chains and supporting native assets as collateral in the target chain will help users deeply understand the working logic of Stabilize and its core values.

To-do List



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