Multisig and timelock

Who we are

Stabilize was developed by a team of industry veterans with significant previous experience working on DeFi projects. We choose to remain anonymous, but rest assured we are qualified for the task at hand. The codebase has been well tested and peer-reviewed, and is currently undergoing a formal audit. The audit results will be published as soon as it is completed.

Due to the necessary safety and protocol mechanism, some core contracts are upgradeable by the owner. We understand that anonymous devs with the power to upgrade contracts may rightfully make some users feel uncomfortable. To mitigate these concerns, ownership of all Stabilize smart contracts will be placed behind a Timelock contract with 24 hours delay for any action. We will publish the address to this contract prominently, and inform the community prior to any admin-related actions involving the timelock. We encourage community members to monitor inbound transactions to the timelock.

While we have taken every precaution to ensure the safety of user funds and instill confidence in our work, we still must remind users that this is all new technology and not without risk. Do not deposit more than you can afford to lose. If you are nervous about security you may wish to wait until the protocol has been operational for some time without incident before interacting with it.


The Stabilize multisig is a 3/3 safe with non custodial admin rights over the Stabilize protocol.

The 3 people on the multisig are:

CommunityMultisig: 0xd7b3356daB695c72D4De3933a10B3E070b9803Fb

MarketingMultisig: 0x1cd1eBf05Df9A511c402bA6B1a67C7fd575B5894


All admin rights to the Stabilize protocol are owned by a TimeLock contract with 24 hours delay.

Contract: 0xf6185657D8278066058e89Ef2d7004db3F0c74f0

The Stabilize team will always announce admin related actions prior to queuing them in the timelock.

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