Stabilize Token ($SET)


$SET is the secondary token issued by protocol. It captures the fee revenue that is generated by the system and incentivizes early adopters.


veSET is a non-transferable ERC-20 token, and veSET will be used in Stabilize Protocol for proposal initiation and voting.
In the SET Pool, select Locker, stake your $SET into Locker Staking, while receiving an equal number of veSET.

Transfer Fee


The token contract will charge the fee(1%) for each $SET transaction.
  • 0.5% distributed to $SET stakers.
  • 0.5% will be permanently burned.


  • Stake $SET in SET Pool
  • Middle-Layer Contract (Used for adding USDC-SET LP )
  • Buy USDC/SET in Traderjoe
  • Multi-Sig wallets
*Above operations in whitelist are exempt from the transaction fee.

$SET Pool

100% protocol revenues are sent to $SET pool stakers.
  • Borrowing Fee
  • Redemption Fee
  • Transfer Fee

Normal Staking

With the Normal Staking mode, you can withdraw all your $SETs at any time.

Locker Staking


  • Boost 2.5x revenue than normal staking
  • Get the same amount of $veSET
  • $veSET holders have the right to govern and vote on the protocol
  • $veSET holders can capture airdrops and other rewards


The protocol allows users to initiate an unlocking request at any time. When an unlock request is initiated, the $SET you requested to unlock will enter a pending redemption phase.
  • The redemption phase lasts for 45 days. After the pending redemption phase, you can withdraw the $SET to your wallet.
  • During the pending redemption phase, 2.5x revenue is no longer available, but you still have the revenue of Normal Staking.
  • $veSET will be burned.